Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"The Notebook"

"The Notebook"
movie quotes

Duke (in voice-over narration): "I am no one special, just a common man with common thoughts. I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me, and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect, I've succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived. I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and for me, that has always been enough."

Duke (reading): "Southern summers are indifferent to the trials of young love. Armed with warnings and doubts, Noah and Allie gave a remarkably convincing portrayal of a boy and a girl traveling down a very long road with no regard for the consequences."

Noah's father (to Allie): "Come on up here, darlin'. We could use a little sump'm around here besides the smell of lumber."

Duke (reading): "It was an improbable romance. He was a country boy. She was from the city. She had the world at her feet, while he didn't have two dimes to rub together."

Noah (to Allie): "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."

Allie's father (delivering the punch line to a joke): "Well, in theory, we're both millionaires, but in reality, we live with a bunch of whores." [laughter]

Allie (to Noah, as they prepare to make love for the first time): "You're gonna have to talk me through this."

Allie's father (to Allie, about Noah): "He's not suitable for you, baby."

Duke (reading): "Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons. But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: They are shooting stars-a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they're gone."

Duke (reading): "Allie was surprised how quickly she fell in love with Lon Hammond. He was handsome, smart, funny, sophisticated, and charming. He also came from old Southern money and was fabulously wealthy."

Duke (reading, about Noah): "He got the notion into his head that if he restored the old house where they had come that night, Allie would find a way to come back to him. Some called it a labor of love. Others called it something else. But in fact, Noah had gone a little mad."

Allie's mother (about Allie's upcoming wedding): "This is gonna be a celebration the likes of which this town's never seen!"

Headline in Charleston newspaper: "OLD SEABROOK HOME FULLY RESTORED"

Allie's fiancé (to Allie): "Should I be worried?"

Dr. Barnwell (to Duke): "Senile dementia is irreversible. It's degenerative. After a certain point, its victims don't come back."

Duke (reading, about Noah): "She had come back into his life like a sudden flame, blazing and streaming into his heart. Noah stayed up all night contemplating the certain agony he knew would be his if he were to lose her twice."

Duke (to his adult children): "Look, guys. That's my sweetheart in there. I'm not leaving her. This is my home now. Your mother is my home."

Allie (happily, after making love with Noah following a seven-year separation): "You gotta be kiddin' me. All this time, that's what I been missin'?"

Allie's mother (about her sweetheart of 25 years ago, now a laborer shoveling gravel): "Sometimes when I'm in the area, I just stop here and I watch him, trying to picture how different my life might have been." [she cries]

Noah (to Allie): "I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day."

Excerpt from a letter from Noah to Allie: "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever."

Allie's fiancé (to Allie, about Noah): "The way I see it, I got three choices. One, I can shoot him. Two, I can kick the crap out of him. Or three, I leave you. Well, all that's no good. You see, 'cause none of those options get me you."

Duke (to older Allie): "I think our love can do anything we want it to.

summer is here

summer is here

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I spent to much time

I spent to much time

ang haba ng list ko ng gagawin.
ilang bilin pa ang iniwan ng bossing ko bago sya umalis pa puntang india para sa isang seminar..
medyo maluwag lng ang trabaho dahil walang rush pero kung minsan may sundot pa na e-mail to-do ang bossing ko..

gising ng 8.30 bangon ng 9am
ligo, bihis hanggang 10am
alis ng 10.15
minsan sa pa nga bahay na ako kumakain aalis ako ng 11am
office ng 11 or 12 nn hanggang one to sawa hanngang may tao pa hanggang matapos ko na ung ginagawa ko..
8... 9... 10.. minsan pa nga 11 past pa nasa office na rin ako.. uuwi
matutulog ng 12am

ganito ang araw-araw kong gawain.. minsan pati linggo at kung nakadaming ginagawa pati linggo.

pag hahanapin mo ko ang sasagot ko lagi..
"may pasok ako"
"nand2 ako sa office"
madami akong ginagawa"
"di ko alam kung wat time me makakauwi"
"may OT ako, nest time n lang"

ayon sa aking "x-bf" na ngayon ay masaya na sa kanyang lovelife (pa-guusap sa YM):

joann ( 12:55:57 PM): musta?

x-bf ( 12:55:59 PM):

x-bf ( 12:56:03 PM): k lang

x-bf ( 12:56:06 PM): kaw?

x-bf ( 12:56:11 PM): musta work mo?

joann ( 12:56:12 PM): oks

x-bf ( 12:56:25 PM): anu na balita syo?

joann ( 12:56:27 PM): madaming trabaho ngayon..hehe pasahan ng report eh

joann ( 12:56:40 PM): ah.. ma braces n ako...hehehe

x-bf ( 12:56:43 PM): bukod sa may braces ka nahehhhehe

joann ( 12:56:46 PM): kaw? san kn work??

x-bf ( 12:57:06 PM): athena e-services

joann ( 12:57:18 PM): cal center?

x-bf ( 12:57:23 PM): nope,

x-bf ( 12:57:43 PM): mejo similar lang kaso di naman kami nakikipag usap sa phone

x-bf ( 12:57:54 PM): thru email lang

joann ( 12:58:06 PM): ah matagal kn dyan?

x-bf ( 12:58:25 PM): di naman kakastart ko lang last month

x-bf ( 12:58:55 PM): pero may plan pa rin ako mag abroad

x-bf ( 12:59:00 PM): mag aaral lang muna ako

joann ( 12:59:07 PM): oh san k naman pupunta?

x-bf ( 12:59:24 PM): mga bandang middle east

x-bf ( 12:59:33 PM): kahit anung lugar dun

x-bf ( 12:59:41 PM): basta makaalis lang d2 sa pinas

x-bf ( 12:59:55 PM): wag lang cguro sa iraq

x-bf ( 12:59:57 PM): hehehehehe

joann ( 12:59:57 PM): hehe cge suportahan taka..

x-bf ( 1:00:05 PM): hehheehhe

x-bf ( 1:00:06 PM): tnx

x-bf ( 1:00:32 PM): eh ikaw anu na growth jan sa work mo?mukhang enjoy ka n ajan ha?

joann ( 1:00:54 PM): ako d2 lng sa office p punta2x lng s kung san2x..hehehe

x-bf ( 1:01:24 PM): ang sarap ng work mo ha

joann ( 1:01:31 PM): promoted n ako facilitator na ako.hihihi kasama na ako sa mga provincial meetings n seminars..hehehe

x-bf ( 1:01:54 PM): nung minsan cnamahan ko c kuya richard dun kina janet

x-bf ( 1:02:06 PM): wow ang sarap nga nun

x-bf ( 1:02:17 PM): e d satisfied ka na jan sa income mo?

x-bf ( 1:02:21 PM): hehhehe

joann ( 1:02:23 PM): nk 4 n province n rin ako na dis 2004

x-bf ( 1:02:40 PM): enough to support ur brother na nag aaral?

joann ( 1:02:45 PM): ah.. ok naman s income.. nadadagdagan n rin ng benifits

x-bf ( 1:03:00 PM): ah good

joann ( 1:03:24 PM): ok lng din naman yun sa kapatid ko scholar sya.. salamat naman at 40% n lng ng tuition ang binabayaran ko..

x-bf ( 1:03:39 PM): ah ok na rin pala

x-bf ( 1:03:50 PM): so may room ka na sarili sa marikina?

joann ( 1:04:21 PM): ah ganun p rin magkasama p rin kmi ng bro s room..hehehe

x-bf ( 1:04:35 PM): pero di na ba tulad ng dati?

x-bf ( 1:04:52 PM): d ba dati wala ka privacy?

joann ( 1:05:13 PM): indi n may privacy kami kc naayos n yun room namin..

x-bf ( 1:05:27 PM): ah good

joann ( 1:05:33 PM): musta naman s inyo?

x-bf ( 1:05:39 PM): at least may development

x-bf ( 1:05:44 PM): ok naman

x-bf ( 1:05:53 PM): baka lipat na kami

joann ( 1:05:56 PM): yap.. dapatmeron lagi..hehehe kahit paunti unti

x-bf ( 1:06:06 PM): hanap kami ng haus

joann ( 1:06:13 PM): baket kayo lilipat..

x-bf ( 1:06:21 PM): balak kasi ng tita ko bumili para sa amin

x-bf ( 1:06:34 PM): tpos ate ko paalis na

joann ( 1:07:06 PM): ah within the area parin pa kayo kung sakali?? sa punta ate mo.. si ate cokie? tama ba?

x-bf ( 1:07:14 PM): we rent lang kaya gusto ng tita ko pag uwi nila ulit d2 eh may haus na clang matutuluyan

x-bf ( 1:07:30 PM): nope ung panganay namin c jean

joann ( 1:07:40 PM): ah...

x-bf ( 1:07:47 PM): ewan ko lang kung w/in the area pa rin

x-bf ( 1:07:58 PM): ako mas prefer ko sa ibang lugar na

x-bf ( 1:08:10 PM): masyado na crowded ang qc

joann ( 1:08:40 PM): ah.. para maiba rin? try nyo sa marikina..

x-bf ( 1:09:02 PM): c cuki nga taga run eh papahanap nga kami dun banda

x-bf ( 1:09:07 PM): kahit sa sss

joann ( 1:09:22 PM): ah ok din naman s SSS

joann ( 1:09:42 PM): musta naman lovelife mo???

x-bf ( 1:09:49 PM): ok naman

x-bf ( 1:09:54 PM): ikaw ba?

joann ( 1:10:04 PM): ok lng din..

x-bf ( 1:10:16 PM): naks that means may bf ka na?

x-bf ( 1:10:22 PM): hehehehehe

x-bf ( 1:10:27 PM):

joann ( 1:10:29 PM): wl pero lk lng..heheheheh

x-bf ( 1:11:08 PM): ooowwwsss??/sa ganda mong yan?

x-bf ( 1:11:23 PM): wala ka pa bf?

joann ( 1:11:24 PM): hahahaha alam kong maganda ako...waaaa kapal

x-bf ( 1:11:32 PM): hehehehe

x-bf ( 1:11:42 PM): totoo nman eh

joann ( 1:12:13 PM): tinatamad na ako s lokohan kaya ayoko ng kahit sino n lng..naks

joann ( 1:12:16 PM):

x-bf ( 1:12:29 PM): hmm....

x-bf ( 1:12:44 PM): so niloko mo lang pala ako??

x-bf ( 1:12:50 PM):

joann ( 1:12:53 PM): uy hindi ah...ang labo mo..

joann ( 1:13:21 PM): nito ko lng naisip yun ne ny resolution..hahahahaha

joann ( 1:13:33 PM): *new year

x-bf ( 1:14:09 PM): ganun??

joann ( 1:14:48 PM): im not getting any younger n sexier.. kaya i have no tym to play around..waaa

x-bf ( 1:15:06 PM): naakksss!!!

x-bf ( 1:15:17 PM): pero di mo cnagot ung tanung ko?

x-bf ( 1:15:22 PM): niloko mo lang ako?

joann ( 1:15:34 PM): indi kita niloko..

x-bf ( 1:15:47 PM): hmm...ok sabi mo eh

joann ( 1:16:03 PM): bket mo naman nasabing niloko kita??

x-bf ( 1:16:16 PM): wala naisip ko lang

x-bf ( 1:16:29 PM): kasi sbi mo ayaw mo na ng lokohan

joann ( 1:16:29 PM): naisip mo lng..

joann ( 1:16:40 PM): hmmm

x-bf ( 1:16:42 PM): so thst means nung tyo eh niloko mo ako

x-bf ( 1:17:15 PM): anyway tapos naman na un eh

joann ( 1:17:17 PM): ewan ko s u..

x-bf ( 1:17:20 PM): accept ko na un

joann ( 1:17:26 PM):

joann ( 1:17:35 PM): ano kb??

x-bf ( 1:17:51 PM): wish ko lang syo eh makahanap ka n ng seseryosin mo

x-bf ( 1:17:53 PM): hehehehehhe

joann ( 1:18:06 PM): amen

joann ( 1:18:19 PM):

x-bf ( 1:18:30 PM):

joann ( 1:19:10 PM): kaw nga dapat ang mag seryoso.. aba ilang taon kn?? ayaw mo p bang mag setledown?

x-bf ( 1:19:47 PM): bakit tingin moba di kita sineryoso?

joann ( 1:20:16 PM): uy wl akong sinabing indi h..

x-bf ( 1:20:24 PM): i ccome to that piont na

joann ( 1:20:31 PM): hmmmm

x-bf ( 1:20:44 PM): sana nga ikaw ung last ko eh

x-bf ( 1:20:51 PM): kaso sa cnabi mo

x-bf ( 1:20:55 PM): eh ok lang

joann ( 1:20:56 PM): ha?

x-bf ( 1:21:14 PM): masaya ka naman?

joann ( 1:21:20 PM): saan?

x-bf ( 1:21:29 PM): sa ginagawa mo?

joann ( 1:22:37 PM): alam mo.. kung inicip mo n niloko kita.. eh burahin mo n yun s icip mo.. wat im trying to say is im MORE serious now

x-bf ( 1:22:55 PM): eh di naman ung ang tinatanung ko ha?

x-bf ( 1:23:13 PM): at di ko na iniisip un no.

x-bf ( 1:23:17 PM): past is past

joann ( 1:23:28 PM): masaya saan?

x-bf ( 1:23:31 PM): d naman ako mapagtanim ng sama ng loob

x-bf ( 1:23:46 PM): msaya ka sa pagiging single?

joann ( 1:23:50 PM): no

joann ( 1:24:04 PM): n i wish im not single

x-bf ( 1:24:04 PM): hmm..

x-bf ( 1:24:26 PM): eh kung sineryoso mo sana ako eh di sana di ka single ngayon

x-bf ( 1:24:28 PM): heheehehe

joann ( 1:24:39 PM): ah... ok

x-bf ( 1:24:50 PM):

joann ( 1:25:28 PM): sana naging seryoro ako

x-bf ( 1:25:41 PM): sana

joann ( 1:25:56 PM): its to late

x-bf ( 1:26:09 PM): hmmm...

x-bf ( 1:26:13 PM): i know

x-bf ( 1:26:37 PM): its ok wer both happy naman sa mga buhay natin eh

x-bf ( 1:26:41 PM): kaya ok lang

joann ( 1:26:52 PM): yah ok lng

joann ( 1:26:58 PM): n i know ur happy

x-bf ( 1:27:08 PM): i know ur happy too

joann ( 1:27:41 PM): yah

x-bf ( 1:28:33 PM):

joann ( 1:28:42 PM):

x-bf ( 1:29:18 PM): so kelan ulit biyahe mo nyan?

joann ( 1:29:33 PM): march 7-8

x-bf ( 1:29:45 PM): ah talaga?san naman punta mo?

joann ( 1:31:08 PM): bataan ulet pang 3times ko n dun

x-bf ( 1:31:19 PM): ah ok pala ha

x-bf ( 1:31:41 PM): wla pa kyong mga trip sa visayas area?

x-bf ( 1:32:10 PM): buti pa nga ung bag ko nakapunta na run...hehehe

joann ( 1:32:12 PM): wla pang shed yun negros namin n camarines sur bk by summer

x-bf ( 1:32:29 PM): ok sa bicol

x-bf ( 1:32:42 PM): ganda na dun para ka ng nsa manila

joann ( 1:33:22 PM): ah sabi nga nila mat proj kasi kami dun

x-bf ( 1:33:25 PM): anu ginagawa mo ngyaon?

joann ( 1:34:37 PM): mag education mapping kami ng buong philippines pero may 5 major areas kami negros, benguet, camrines sur, qc n quezon province

x-bf ( 1:35:00 PM): ah ok un ha

x-bf ( 1:35:24 PM): dami mo pala trabaho ngyon.u've got no tym for bf

x-bf ( 1:35:29 PM): hehehhehee

joann ( 1:35:39 PM): hahahhahaha

joann ( 1:36:07 PM): dapat siguro magbawas ako ng panahon s work

x-bf ( 1:36:19 PM): hindi mo kaya un

x-bf ( 1:36:26 PM): mas mahal mo work mo

x-bf ( 1:36:28 PM): d ba?

joann ( 1:36:46 PM): yah.. mas mahal ko work ko now

x-bf ( 1:36:58 PM): hmm...ok

joann ( 1:37:41 PM): yah. puro ako trabaho i seldom go out with friends

x-bf ( 1:38:14 PM): well,i think i know dat

joann ( 1:38:29 PM): i think i should tone down my work load

x-bf ( 1:38:34 PM): kc khit nman noon ganyan k n eh

x-bf ( 1:38:48 PM): eh kung boss ka na jan magagawa mo un

x-bf ( 1:39:11 PM): kasi pde mo na pasa sa iba ung work mo

joann ( 1:39:45 PM): oo nga matagal na akong puro work

x-bf ( 1:40:03 PM):

joann ( 1:41:43 PM): thank you for leting me see something.. n dapat ginawa ko n noon p

x-bf ( 1:42:08 PM): ok

joann ( 1:43:07 PM): may bigla akong naalala..

joann ( 1:43:24 PM):

x-bf ( 1:43:28 PM): ok

x-bf ( 1:43:35 PM): nu un?

joann ( 1:45:32 PM): mayroong taong madalas mag sabi sken n puro k n lng trabaho d mo n nakikita ang mga taong nakakasalubong mo..

x-bf ( 1:45:45 PM): ah talaga

joann ( 1:47:20 PM): anyways naintindihan ko n sya

x-bf ( 1:47:53 PM): good

joann ( 1:49:04 PM): ah baka gusto mo lng manood s bistro eto shed

joann ( 1:49:08 PM): 26, Mon. - KAMIKAZE 27, Tues. - ORANGE & LEMONS 28, Wed. - UP DHARMA DOWN / PARAMITA / SWISSY

x-bf ( 1:49:35 PM): uy ok ung up dharma

joann ( 1:50:13 PM): ang gusto ko dyan yun paramita

x-bf ( 1:50:28 PM): ah ok lang

x-bf ( 1:50:47 PM): ang malas mo iniwan ka ng ung mga kasama

joann ( 1:51:34 PM): ha??

joann ( 1:51:45 PM): kanta yan db

x-bf ( 1:52:46 PM): uu

x-bf ( 1:52:53 PM): kanta ng paramita

joann ( 1:53:39 PM): ah.. ang alam ko lng ks hiling

x-bf ( 1:54:19 PM): alam ko rin un,akala ko ba gusto mo paramita?eh bat un lang alam mo?

joann ( 1:54:54 PM): ang galing kc nun drummer at the same time sya ang singer

x-bf ( 1:55:07 PM): hehehehe

x-bf ( 1:55:19 PM): para palang def leppard ang dating nun

x-bf ( 1:55:37 PM): magaling ung up dharma down

x-bf ( 1:55:50 PM): nakita ko na cla mag perform ng live

joann ( 1:56:01 PM): yah maganda yun di mo lng alam

x-bf ( 1:56:09 PM): alam ko un

x-bf ( 1:56:12 PM): hehehhhee

joann ( 1:58:15 PM): musta yun pamangkin mo?

x-bf ( 1:58:21 PM): ok naman sya

x-bf ( 1:58:40 PM): kilala ka pa rin nya pag nakikita nya nag open ako ng friendster nakikita ka nya

joann ( 1:59:21 PM): ah.. musta s kanya na i hope magaling p rin sya s schooling nya..

x-bf ( 2:00:39 PM): nman!kasali nga sya sa quiz bee nung last week eh

joann ( 2:00:49 PM): wow galing

x-bf ( 2:01:14 PM): oo mana sa tito eh

x-bf ( 2:01:19 PM): hehehehe

joann ( 2:01:23 PM): hehehehehe

x-bf ( 2:02:05 PM): brb

joann ( 2:02:13 PM): ok

x-bf ( 2:03:55 PM): anu na?

joann ( 2:05:32 PM): ano n??

joann ( 2:05:50 PM): hehe

x-bf ( 2:05:55 PM): musta na jan sa ofis nyo?

joann ( 2:06:05 PM): ok lng

x-bf ( 2:06:11 PM): jan pa rin ung mga dati mong ofismates/

joann ( 2:06:13 PM): mataba k b now?

x-bf ( 2:06:20 PM): yup

joann ( 2:06:29 PM): cina babylou, yap nandito p sya

x-bf ( 2:06:37 PM): ang laki ng tinaba ko kasi nag quit ako sa yosi

x-bf ( 2:06:44 PM): ah ok

joann ( 2:07:17 PM): dats good

x-bf ( 2:07:45 PM): bakit wala kang pix sa friendster mo na kita braces mo?

x-bf ( 2:08:00 PM): so ilang years yan bago alisin/

joann ( 2:08:01 PM): meron

x-bf ( 2:08:09 PM): wla ako nakita dun

joann ( 2:08:13 PM): hanggan maayos

x-bf ( 2:08:17 PM): w8 chek ko

x-bf ( 2:08:20 PM): nyek

x-bf ( 2:08:35 PM): wlang binigay na date ang dentist mo?

joann ( 2:09:40 PM): usualy it take years para maayos

x-bf ( 2:10:24 PM): honga alam ko,kasi ung sa ate ko mga 2yrs ata

joann ( 2:11:47 PM): konti n lng yun baba.. yun taas medyo matagal pa kasi dapat mas naka labas yun ngipin s taas.. kaka adjust lng nito kaya harap akong kumain

x-bf ( 2:12:13 PM): kawawa k naman nyan

x-bf ( 2:12:22 PM): mamamayat k nyan

joann ( 2:12:31 PM): kaya pumapayat n ako

joann ( 2:12:43 PM): ang dami pang bawal

x-bf ( 2:12:46 PM): ah talaga

joann ( 2:13:32 PM): yap..

x-bf ( 2:13:40 PM): james

joann ( 2:14:05 PM): hehehe

joann ( 2:14:13 PM): showbiz k h..hehehe

x-bf ( 2:14:25 PM): ikaw nga jan eh

x-bf ( 2:14:30 PM): sabi mo yap

joann ( 2:14:51 PM): hehehe yeh

x-bf ( 2:15:35 PM): w8 chek ko ung frendster mo

joann ( 2:15:52 PM): ok

x-bf ( 2:18:42 PM): parang ang payat mo ng sa pix mo

x-bf ( 2:18:48 PM): di bagay sayo

x-bf ( 2:18:58 PM): mas ok na ung may laman ng unti

x-bf ( 2:19:01 PM): hehehehhe

joann ( 2:19:19 PM): hehehe namayat n rin kc ako eh

x-bf ( 2:19:21 PM): eto pa malupit

x-bf ( 2:19:30 PM): may 3rd eye pala

x-bf ( 2:19:34 PM): hehehehehe

joann ( 2:19:58 PM): hehehe

joann ( 2:20:37 PM): madami ngang natakot dyan eh.. kahit ako natakot..hehehe

x-bf ( 2:20:47 PM): naks!!sosyal ang itsura mo ha

x-bf ( 2:20:50 PM): hehehehehe

joann ( 2:21:40 PM): sosyal k dyan

joann ( 2:21:53 PM): san nga pl balak mo dis summer??

x-bf ( 2:21:57 PM): hehhehehe

x-bf ( 2:22:06 PM): wala naman

joann ( 2:24:17 PM): kami ng barkada puerto galera sawa na daw sila s falls

x-bf ( 2:24:41 PM): naks!!sosyal n talaga

x-bf ( 2:24:45 PM): hehehe

x-bf ( 2:25:02 PM): last nov nag bora ako

joann ( 2:25:15 PM): wow tlg.. ikaw ang sosi

x-bf ( 2:25:32 PM): hindi ako ang sosi ung tita ko

x-bf ( 2:25:37 PM): hehehehe

joann ( 2:26:02 PM): ah..hehehe

joann ( 2:26:43 PM): ang tagal n daw kasi nilang d n kakapag beach eh.. at para next level naman daw..

x-bf ( 2:27:01 PM): hehehehhee

x-bf ( 2:27:06 PM): ayos yan

x-bf ( 2:27:16 PM): sarap pumunta dun

x-bf ( 2:27:23 PM): sa galera

x-bf ( 2:27:39 PM): poor man's boracay tawag nila dun

joann ( 2:27:47 PM): ganun..

x-bf ( 2:27:57 PM): kc ung sand halos pareho lng sa bora

joann ( 2:27:58 PM): kaya try naman namin

x-bf ( 2:28:15 PM): pero ung expenses di ganun kamahal

joann ( 2:28:32 PM): ahh ok un

x-bf ( 2:28:35 PM): ang dapat gawin nyo dun mag baon kayo ng mga delata

x-bf ( 2:28:48 PM): nung nagpunta kami dun ganun ginawa namin

x-bf ( 2:28:55 PM): kc mahal pagkain dun

joann ( 2:29:07 PM): sabi nga nun 1 barkada namin dahil ginto daw food doon

x-bf ( 2:29:21 PM): uu ginto pagkain dun

joann ( 2:29:41 PM): at mag hena daw kami dun mahal daw pahenna eh marunong naman kami..

x-bf ( 2:29:48 PM): d 2lad sa bora mura lang ang mahal lng dun eh ung tutuluyan mo

x-bf ( 2:30:05 PM): oo uso un dun

joann ( 2:30:15 PM): ahh. next yr bora naman..hehehe

x-bf ( 2:30:19 PM): kahit san nman na may beach uso ung henna

joann ( 2:30:24 PM): oo nga eh

x-bf ( 2:30:25 PM): dun ang ok

x-bf ( 2:30:39 PM): wala ka ng hahanapin pa dun sa bora

x-bf ( 2:31:24 PM): pag may 10k sa bora sbrang sulit na

x-bf ( 2:31:34 PM): except pa dun ung fare mo ha

joann ( 2:32:06 PM): hmm sana nga next yr bora naman..hehehe sabi ng mga barkada ko ang mahal ng boro pero sabi ko at least malalaman natin kung ano meron s bora at hindi nagiicip lng kung anong meron dun...

x-bf ( 2:33:05 PM): uu try nyo

x-bf ( 2:33:14 PM): sa june punta kami ullit dun

x-bf ( 2:33:20 PM): kung and2 pa ko nun

joann ( 2:33:25 PM): ah..

joann ( 2:33:29 PM): ganun..hehehe

x-bf ( 2:33:31 PM): kasi dating ung mga pinsan ko

joann ( 2:33:46 PM): ah ok

x-bf ( 2:35:11 PM): out na muna ako ha

x-bf ( 2:35:22 PM): may tatapusin pa ako

joann ( 2:35:22 PM): ok

joann ( 2:35:25 PM): ingats

x-bf ( 2:35:26 PM): ingat lagi

joann ( 2:35:28 PM):

x-bf ( 2:35:29 PM): ok

nun naguusap kami parang gusto kong maiyak.. ang laki kong tanga, naghahanap ako ng seryoso pero di ko naman siniseryoso yun nga tao sa paligid ko..

mas mahal ko nga ba ang trabaho ko??

parang masakit icipin na ako pala mismo ang may kulang..

madalas kong marinig ang "lagi ka na lang trabaho wala ka ng time saken"

ilang beses ko na ba ipinag laban ang work ko sa mga naka "relasyon" ko

na pag dating sa work ay wala silang laban, sabi nga ni "x-bf" sa chat eh "mas mahal ko ang trabaho ko" the term is "mas" em i spending to much time in working??

my answer is yes, im over worked.. i rather wrok than spend time with my love ones..

i rather work, than go out and enjoy the holidays..

i rather work than sleep and rest..

i rather wark than cope with love one that i take for granted..

not i realized my mistakes.. in dealing with my work ang lovelife..

hindi namas sa had lang ang work ko, i should know my priorities..

an next time i will make sure that i will give more time to that person..


thank you..

thank you for opeming my eye for the second time..

first when i felt that what was happening is not right and for giving me that decision to let go..

second for letting me see me mistakes and letting me know what i should do next time i fall..


your my sexy hunk.. ; )


hot chick

Thursday, February 22, 2007

She hates girls

She hates girls

after 3 yrs kung maka graduate s college baket napapanaginipan kita??


makikilala mo lang sya dahil magaling sa math copyahan ng bayan.. yun lng
tahimik na tao tahimik din ang barkada nya.
mahirap minsan kausap dahil parang nangbabara

minsan nag katuksuhan dahil sa pagpupulot ng kalat.
ayon sa aming masungit na prof sa steels (math 8) bawal daw umalis saroom ang walang dalang kalat.. hala ang lahat ay nag-unahan sa balat ng kendi, nilukot na papel makalabas lang sa impyernong room na out of 40 12 ang pumasa.

nagtawanan ang barkada namin dahil napansin namin hawak nya ang dibdib nya habang nagpupulot ng kalat.. ayyyy gurl sya..
doon na nagsimula ang palitan ng biro at asaran
kada makikita namin sya hinahawak namin ang damit namin nangagaya sa ginawa nya at napapangiti naman sya..

simple lang sya laging nk V-neck n puting t-shirt naka cap semi kalbo raymark ang pangalan nya un lng.. pero ang iba matatandaan pa sya pag sinabing "yun magaling sa math"

unti-unti naging close kami.. pinakilala ko sya sa mundo ng ingay sa mundo ng fine-arts sa mga rakista, nagbabanda at skateboarding..

marunong pala syang mag0gitara at di lang marunong magaling... bumabanat malupet ika nga..
parang nag iba na ang mindo nya lagi na syang nakatambay sa fire exit kung saan ako tambay at asahan mong magulo at maingay.. nun una sinasamahan ko lang sya dun hanggang sa doon na ata sya nakatira.. naging bukang bibig sya ng mga klasemates namin.. at nagulat na lang ako "garvage" na ang pangalan nya. sabi nila galing daw sa apelido nya na garvida, sabi naman ng mga barkada nya sa basura daw dahil ang dumi nya.. madumi nga kasi mahaba na ang buhok nya trasher na ang porma wala na ang tahimik na raymark.

naging close kami.. pag dumating ako sya ang hinahanap ko, pag dumating sya ako hinahanap nya.. ganun kami tapos pag nagkita na hiwalay na ng landas kongtign kwento, asaran at kopya ng assignment layas na sya agad..

mag insidenteng di ko malusutan noon napa "oo" ako sa nanliligaw sken na di ko naman gusto eh gusto kong bawiin un sagot ko nun sinabi ko kanya hala binatukan ako sabay sabi "ano ka ba, tao ka??" ang layo pero na get ko kung ibig nyan sabihin..

kami daw sa skul meaning jowa ko sya para pwede na akong makipag hiwlaay sa lalaking iyon (crush ko yun pero hanggang cruch lang) ok tagumpay napaniwala namin ang kumag, bilang pag papangap nag sayaw kami (acquittance party kasi nun) kahit di sya marunog di naman sya makatangi sken kaya ang nagyari kamustahan na lng habang nakakailang tapak na sya sa paa ko..

nang pauwi na sabay syempre kami.. pagbaba ng hagdaan nag holding hand kami.. (syempre konwari lng yun) hanggang sa gate.. nang palabas na kami nag kalas na kami ng kamay pero nag punas lang pala sa ng kamay at sabay sabi "holding hands ulet tayo ang sarap eh" namangha ako sa sinahi nya ganun sa kainosente sa babae, samantalang 3rd college na kami nun.

naging mas close kami kabatuhan ko ng kalat sa klase at taga bili ko ng meryenda. taga bitbit ng bag ko at taga pag tangol ko sa nanaasar ng barkada..

alam ko ayaw nya sa mga babae, napag usapan namin un minsan sa phone.. di naman ako umaasa na maging kami dahil sa sinabi nyang yun.. pero huli na ata ako para sabihing friends lang kami..

isang gabi nag-iimunan sila ng narkada namin.. kaaalis ko lang nun tinanong sya ano ba daw ako sa kanya "may gusto si *** kaibigan ko yun kaya pinoproteksyonan ko lang si joann"
"talaga baka naman ginagawa mo un dahil may gusto ka rin sa kanya?"
"wala, ganun lang talaga kami. alam mo na"
"o baka ginagawa mo yun dahil may gusto ka rin sa kanya?"
"nun nag holdign hands kayo ano naramdaman mo?"
".................anong masama dun?"
"sabi ko na nga ba? ; )"

nan bumalik ako may ibang ngitian sila ewan ko ba kung positive yun pero parang masama eh..

nun mga sumunod na araw wala ng garvage na naghahanap sken, wala na sya sa tambayan laging wala, wala naman sa rooftop ng skol, wala rin sa dulong room para mag jamming.. wala..
wala na sya...

umuwas sya... gusto ko sanang sabihing wala akong gusto sa u, hindi kita gustong maging bf, wag ka sanang magbago.. pero huli na wala na sya.. kahit pag nakikita ko sa malayo di man lang ako nililingon, kahit ipapkilala sya ng mga barkada ko sken para magbiro dedma sya..
sabi nga nila break na daw kami..

umuwas sya sken na sabi nila di daw nya kasi matagap na may gusto sya sken..hahahaha
umuwas dahil sa ganun.. ironic biglang nawala ang friendship namin..

isang araw, nagpapalipad kami ng mga papel na eroplano sa rooftop nagkita kami.. di sya pwedeng di lumapit dahil nasa tabi ko yun kausap nya.. ako nakaupo lang nagpapamasahe ng paa (boss ako eh) isang tingin lang.. at umalis na nan biglang "ok lng bang magpagupit na ako" may konting ngiti..
"hindi ok lng bagay pa sa u"

tinignan ko sya ng umalis sabay palipad ng papel na eroplano..
sinulat ko dun ang pangalan nya..


sana magkita tayo ulet
sana inosente ka pa rin sa babae
at sana magusap tayo katulad ng dati..


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

group date

group date

late n ang post n ito para sa valentines.. pero since frb p rin pwede n (di tlg nagpost nun valentines)

wala akong special date..

d ko rin naman masabing wala akong date dahil may date ako.. with my friends

yah with derly and arlene..

date ba ang tawag dun???

sa amin date.. ang tapic ay valentines date..

hala ata sa amin 2 na naiingit kami sa mga katabi namin na may mga flowers chocolate or letter with matching ka date na papa syempre..

naalala ko yun text message ni derly bago kami magkita-kita..

"sana huling taon na ito na kaming 3 ang mag d-date"

aba ang lola mo may apila sa langit.. sa bagay tama naman.. Amen

sana nga huling taon na namin ito ng group date.. sana next year kanya kanya na kaming date..

where not getting any younger medyo sawa na nga kaming mag girl date.. di naman sa sawa na kami sa pag mumuka ng isa't isa yun ay dahil sa panahon na para mag asawa..

tama mag asawa.. napagiiwanan na kami.. at walang nangyayari sa buhay dalaga namin..

sana nga kahit boyfriend.. ako nagkaroon... pero yun dalawa aha.. never been as in virgin pa ang mga kamay nila sa holding hand, di pa nakararanas nag masaktan at yun kakaibang kilig..

pano na yun..

nakakatawa pero kada mag kikita kami ni derly puro pag-aasawa ang topic namin..
how to find a husband in by the end of the year.. woooo hirap..

kung sana pwede mag txt sa langit na "pwede na po kaming mag asawa ipadala nyo na po sya now na..; )"

sana ganun kadali.. kasi nag sasawa na ako sa ganitogn buhay.. sa buhay single..

kung sinasabi ng mga matatanda magpakasawa muna sa pag ka dalaga bago mag asawa eh.. eto na sawa na ako.. ano mag aasawa na ba ako bukas.. pero pano manliligaw na ba ako.. magpapacute na ba ako.. eh halos lahat ata ng gusto ko dati ay may asawa na.. at kung mga wala ay.. may sabit pa or di pwede..


sana lang umikot na ang mundo ko at mamaya lng nasa ibabaw na ako..

My Heart Has a Mind of It's Own

My Heart Has a Mind of It's Own

Christian Bautista

( Mano Po 5 OST )

People try and tell me that its crazy

You and I were never meant to be

I Don't believe they know, even if its so

I'm fallen' anyway, no matter what they say

A part of me is taking me by the hand

The world can't see, still they don't understand

Why can't they understand...

My heart has a mind of its own

Right or wrong it's gonna do

Only what its feels is true

I'll follow it where ever it goes

Anywhere its leads me to

My heart has a mind of its own

Maybe we won't always be together

Maybe this'll last a thousand years

Ain't nobody knows, even if they did

It wouldn't matter now, I'd love you anyhow

A part of me is taking me by the hand

The world can't see, still they don't understand

Why can't they understand...

My heart has a mind of its own

Right or wrong it's gonna do

Only what its feels is true

I'll follow it where ever it goes

Anywhere its leads me to

My heart has a mind of its own

My heart knows what I'm needing

My heart knows what I'm feeling

It knows me better than i know myself

It knows what I'm missin'

All i have to do is listen... and listen well. . .

My heart has a mind of its own

Right or wrong it's gonna do

Only what its feels is true

I'll follow it where ever it goes

Anywhere its leads me to

My heart has a mind of its own

Over The Mountains

Over The Mountains

I've made up my mind i've packed my bags
I'm not returning home, until someone will give me reason to
I lock the door and take a breath
I'm ready to let go, i know you're somewhere out there too
There's only one thing for me to do and i go


Over the mountains and over the sea
To find a heart that belongs to me
Anywhere in the world i go
Anywhere till i find you
I run through the valleys
I run through the fields
I'd do anything i am hard to please
And anywhere in the world i go
Anywhere till i find you
I fly like the wind, i don't know where my heart will lead the way
I need someone to love and hold on to
But the road is long i've had my doubts
But nothing lets me down cause
I know you're somewhere out there too waiting for me to get to you and i go...


It doesn't matter what
The time will tell
Cause i will be here waiting
For you, for you and me
It doesn't matter what the others say
Cause i will keep on searching
And i go and i go and i go and i go...

Chorus (2x)