Wednesday, March 30, 2005

FullHouse site..

the koreanobela FULLHOUSE is the mouth of every filipinos now.. and i would say so do i..

its a different impact that can give laughter in every person to watch it..

and i wanna share this sites to see some fullhouse stuffs


you can browse pictures, soundtracks, video episode guides/words, ringtones

::: Soundtrack :::

Listen to the soundtrack fulhouse i think i sha la la

Together again?!

its been a month after i vroke-up with my boyfriend. i never thought of recons. i set my mind on moving on but thing change after a busy day on work i got a txt from by "ex-boyfriend" asking hows my holy week and where did i spent it. while the arch eyebrow i answer his txt by nothing much and y do you ask, just being modest to his txt. and then the conversation goes on and on, till he ask me if i still like him, and never lied i still love him but im not after some company if he just "want me" then things got diffucult of what i think of him but then it all ends up in reuniting..

well goo luck..

i dont wanna wake up tom. n askmyself why did i past by to that chance, i might lost something for me or just again in a relationship that only goes around..

who know..

it might be different and mature this time.

chances are i just give my all and dont expext in return like i used to,
i used to ask my self why is the love i give for 100% but only return in 60 , 70 or less than did i expext as just what i want to be love or i just really expext things only in my way..

to love is the most wonderfull feeling i dont care if i got hurt by the past, that is a part that no one cant excape i rather think that as test of my ability to love , even on the same again. it's not my lost if i see thinks in a goolside but it his lost if see /do the same mistake again..

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the person who will love us even if there is NO more reason to do is the one meant for us

"It is sad to witness relationships fail because of distance. Somehow it is true that a neighbor is better than a brother who is far away. We have seen how the loss of communication can transform longing into nothingness. "
"it is important to search your hearts for room for forgiveness and acceptance. If neither of you can find it then I don't think there would be anything more to discuss. I remember being asked how to find out if someone is really meant for you. It is very hard to see that but one thing's sure: the person who will love us even if there is no more reason to do so is the one meant for us.Let us always remember that there is no mistake so wrong that it cannot be forgiven. For those who love, there is always forgiveness, and for those who forgive, there is always a fresh start.Angel, I hope that you and James will find that space to forgive so you can start building your lives again from the shattered remains of the past." - comments ala Joe D' Mango

i was browsing some good article about joe d' mango (he really gives good advices) when i found this article. (see full story below) o i love reading quotes and love stories that some expereinces so if my time comes i have some advices to recall.

love is really so unpredictable and unconditional. you will love and not asking for love in return make others happy even it cause your happiness make things worse and yet feeling so happy. the worse of the worse and the best of the best.

my favorite quote is "love and be lovable" cause i know that if you love, often you forget yourself. so, be sure to give yourself some percent of it. so if the love you give never return you still have it even in small percent. -love yourself more than any other.

Monday, March 21, 2005

a korean nobela adict.

i olways hurry to home when i do my overtime. i dont wanna miss any episode of my favorite koreanobela FULL HOUSE. a romance/comedy story of a young girl hoping to be a good writter and a super star living in a same house called FULL HOUSE.

(later on i will tell the story)

even if 30-minutes or more i forgot all my worries in work and pain cause i just broke with my long time boyfriend.

glad to have this koreanobela in our country coz it really bring laughter even 30 minutes but it can give a relief.