Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Joke Time - Part 3.2

name of chinese people born in the philippines

1.born during the night - ANDY LIM
2.born blind - KENNETH SY
3.born being swindled - LINO CO
4.born while cooking - NILO TOH
5.born as the 10th child- SAM PO
6.born while being courted- LILY GAW
7.born fat- BOB UY
8.born without leg- KENT GO
9.born little- KATHY TING
10.born with a vast estate- LOT TE
11.born different- EVA YAN
12.born uniqe- ALIEN SIA
13.born while counterfeiting- FAYE KING
14.born on sunday- LING GO
15.born with picture- LARA WAN
16.born with sweet- KEN DY
17.born undefined- SAM TING
18.born while taking a bath- LILY GO
19.born while buying- BILL LI
20.born secretly- TINA GO

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