Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Together again?!

its been a month after i vroke-up with my boyfriend. i never thought of recons. i set my mind on moving on but thing change after a busy day on work i got a txt from by "ex-boyfriend" asking hows my holy week and where did i spent it. while the arch eyebrow i answer his txt by nothing much and y do you ask, just being modest to his txt. and then the conversation goes on and on, till he ask me if i still like him, and never lied i still love him but im not after some company if he just "want me" then things got diffucult of what i think of him but then it all ends up in reuniting..

well goo luck..

i dont wanna wake up tom. n askmyself why did i past by to that chance, i might lost something for me or just again in a relationship that only goes around..

who know..

it might be different and mature this time.

chances are i just give my all and dont expext in return like i used to,
i used to ask my self why is the love i give for 100% but only return in 60 , 70 or less than did i expext as just what i want to be love or i just really expext things only in my way..

to love is the most wonderfull feeling i dont care if i got hurt by the past, that is a part that no one cant excape i rather think that as test of my ability to love , even on the same again. it's not my lost if i see thinks in a goolside but it his lost if see /do the same mistake again..

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