Monday, December 03, 2007

Survey 101

1 . What do you think is the reason why
people lie?
‡ hiding somthing

2. Have u ever said, u'll never love again?
‡ i never, i just said that i hate

3. Is there anything bothering u right now?
‡ yes, may dec.shoppping listS,trainings to attend and malfunctioned dvd ..badtrip
4. Is there something you wanna let go of?
‡ owww (it hurts) i hope i can by tom. lol

5. Do the old songs u had in ur past really remind u of the memories?
‡ yes my LLS is "il never go" from the movie "one more chance" naka relate ang bruha lol

6. How important is "trust"?
‡ very important, if you had it you cant go wrong ;D

7. Do u believe in soulmates?
‡ yes

8. How do u learn to forget?
‡ it had to done freely, by time and by forgiving.. naks

9. Is crying a sign of weakness?
‡ no.. its a sign of accepting your fault or giving it in to release your pain.. naks ulet

10. Why do u answer surveys?
‡ because im late in my appointments (wrong venue, wrong date and wrong side of the bed kanina) lol

11. Do u always regret?
‡ i never, coz i believe ehemm.. that giving your best till the end will never make you feel any regrets. i thank you

12. What is ur current ringtone?
‡ say ok by vanessa Hudgens

13. Do u believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
‡ no absent makes you drop-out in the class. just like love ur absent, then your out..

14. Do u believe that u have a guardian angel?
‡ i dont if theres any i myt not fall for someones not worthy

15. Do u find ur ex's new gf/bf good
‡ i dont find them.. i tend to have my own world since we separated. hehehe

16. What will u do if u'r stuck in the elevator with someone u don't like?
‡ will it take hours? if not dedma

17. Have u ever wanted someone but u cant have him/her?
‡ often but thats life, you cant have all that u want, that is not necessity lol

18. Have u ever said 'i love u' but u lied?
‡ yes.. i hate it when i do that

19. Would u ever want to go back in the past?
‡ going back in the past, hmm i want to change my game plan ;D

20. Do u really wanna please everybody?
‡ i dont i just to please boys lol

21. Is waiting ever okay?
‡ if you had something to hold on too, y not. youll never know unless you try

22. Right now, where do u wanna be?
‡ s training ko, pakshet i have to attend that or else.. em dead meat :D

23. When is enough, enough?
‡ pag nagsawa kana, masasabi mo na yun

24. What are you so sick and tired of?
‡ pag paulit-ulit! amf! parang fungi! < naks love it!!

25. What made u smile today?
‡ mababit na guard kahit inikot ko ang circle at nagpunta sa 3 bldg at umakyat ng 4th flr at walang kwenta ang lakad. may naka smile at matulungin guard ng dept. of argiculture.. hi mga friends

26. Is looking good important?
‡ not really, but u must have the confidence first

27. Do u listen to love songs when ur down?

‡ LLS (last song syndroms) ko nga ay "ill never go" cant get that out of my head, its in my mp3, my cellphone my music player list and in my dreams.. lol OA

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