Friday, April 27, 2007

chase those dark clouds away

last night i slept with tears in my eyes
i burst into tears, of sorrow and dreams

i thought i have this sensible person,
that understand me perfectly
that can chase those dark clouds away

he is the most important man in my life,
next to my father and brothers

he mean so much to me,
that i want o see him as soon as possible.

this guy is so simple a replica of what i enjoy most,
musics, movies and color.

he made my day complete, he give me the sun
to walk and to smile without me knowing i did.

i know him from the past, and he is such a wonderful person,
he is someone you can walk with in the rain.

the only person i trust my feelings with
and the only person i let invade my private thoughts and heartaches.

but all of the sudden i dont know him
i can share my fellings with
i cant talk to
i cant love.

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