Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bakal sa Ngipin -Part4-

Bakal sa Ngipin -Part4-

may 4th visit to my dentist was took me less than two hours..

it usually take 2 and half hours my weekly dental visit^_^

my last set of pasta's are finished..

i already give my down payment (P20,000) for my braces that will be ready by next week..

im so excited about that..
though friends would tell me that i will be having a hard time eating and talking..

its a BIG ok with me..

after all i really wanted and waited this chance for my teeth reconstruction and

for me to have a better and lovely smile^_^

after my pasta session..

it time for my dentist to have my teeth measured for the brace form..

she is using this horse-shoe shaped
metal for the upper and lower gums

it felts like im going to vomit because the metal tickles my soft palate, then my dentist told me not to breath in my mouth because the air tickles my soft palate that cause that feeling^_^

next week my braces will be ready.. im so excited.

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