Monday, March 20, 2006

9 signs of a bad day!!

what really em i doing in this world!!!

i just lost my celphone yesterday.. in the mall while in the line to pay the shirt (92 pesos)

owwwww wat a day that was..

i knew it was not my day..

1. my lolo/lola was lloking for me in the house i was temporarily sleeping (our house in under construction) they thought i never got house dat day.. they never notice me when i got house late that day..

2. i lost my hair clamps.. even some part was olrealy mising/broken im still using it.. ( and today i found it clip on my bathing rituals basket..
-i never done that before..

3. i cant fix my hair the way i want..
-it took me hour in hair ironing..

4. i change my body bag to hand bag... then change again to body bag..
-i also never done that before.....

5. i was on my way to leave the mall.. den i saw this baegain shirt.. but i decided to go to the store of that shirt...
-again i never done that before.....

6. the jeepney that i ride to was happen to be.. not exactly the way i sud ride..
-it suppost to be highway.. i never ever made a mistake before

7. when i got to the hous of my sister.. after telling what happen to me... i asked her a faovr to ask his husband (barkada) the phone no of my "TXTMYT/MU/BF/WAT EVER"..
-he give me a wrong no..

8. i have my sister simcard to find his barkada/cousin no. to ask for "TXTMYT/MU/BF/WAT EVER" no.
-the no. that i found was not in used olready

9. finally we meet..
-his not txting me as of 4pm in the afternoon... : (

a bad day.. ol in one day..


i know

i knowww

i will have a good day soon....
the sun still shines on me

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